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Historically, most if not all Native peoples used to dream or pray for songs to come to them. These songs represented truth to the world that surrounded them and offered medicines to help them navigate that world. These songs would be offered by the spirits, the natural world, as well as the beings that they were surrounded by. These songs were stories, chants, anthems, and ideas that served the purpose of keeping our ancestors lives in balance. The songs served to honor the world and spirits as well as offer insights on how to deal with the negativity that they would sometimes encounter. These songs served as strength before certain activities, be it hunting, preparing for battle, or preparation for other strenuous tasks. These were our warrior songs and our power songs. Certain songs would be sung while cooking and while gathering as well as during times of celebration. We possessed blessing songs as well as hardship and grieving songs that would allow for us to deal with losses and stress and/or depression. These were our condolence songs. We were not limited in the songs that were offered to us as every activity of our life had a song that pertained and maintained relevance. These songs were our connection to the truth and the medicine that kept our community healthy. These songs were reminders of who we were and where we came from.

These songs/music/prayers we are blessed to create are a continuation of those messages that were given to us to keep our communities healthy. These songs were offered in dreams and through prayers. These songs are the stories, prayers, anthems and ideas that are offered to our people through us. This is not merely hip hop. This is not merely a genre of music. These are preparations for battle. A battle that has been waged against our Native people since Columbus first landed on the shores of what they have come to call the New World and began the systematic genocide of our peoples and cultures. These are songs of celebration that remind us that we are still here, not only through bloodlines, but also though traditions and cultures that once guided us to be healthy and happy communities. These are the insights on how to deal with the constant negativity imposed upon our people. These are the reminders of who we are, who we can be, and who we are meant become.






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